He is the third eldest in his family

He went to dragon slayers academy and slew a dragon.

Then he slew another. Then they went to a cave. Then he almost got married. Then he tried to find sir lancelot. Then he went to a wheel of misfortune place. Then he got a pet dragon. then zelnoc shrunk him and he went to a weird DSA full of dragons. Except they caught him and angus and erica. So they brought them to a dungeon, chained them to a wall and gagged their mouths. except zelnoc came and escapped them. then he almost got kicked out of school and Janice came to the school. then they had a battle with Snagglefahng and grizzelgore. then they rescued bilge and maggot. then they went to camp. then they got tricked by a troll a lot and went to a giant's house. The End.