Snagglefahng the dragon.

Snagglefahng Suggarlump was an especially fearsome and surly dragon who has only appeared in Beware! It's Friday the 13th!. He has a fondness for peanut brittle and once, many years ago, bullied Brother Dave into handing over all of the peanut brittle he had made. When the dragon bit into the brittle, his front teeth broke off, leaving him with a speech impediment. He went from bad to worst, gaining a reputation for ferocity and evil. When the staff and students at Dragon Slayers' Academy learned that Snagglefahng planned to return on Friday the 13th, they assumed he meant them harm and, under orders from Mordred, began collecting good-luck charms for protection. However, Snagglefahng arrived anyway and, despite a valiant effort from Wiglaf and his dragon friend Worm to fight him off, picked up Brother Dave. Only then did the dragon reveal his true reason for coming back-he only wanted more brittle. Brother Dave told Snagglefahng that he would leave brittle for him on Sir Lancelot's Stone every Tuesday on the condition that Snagglefahng stop being wicked and get a proper job. With initial reluctance Snagglefahng agreed to the deal and flew away, reformed.