Gorzil was an evil dragon who only appeared in The New Kid at School. He was the favorite son of Seetha von Flambe and was the 92nd of her 3,684 children. Uniquely, he usually referred to himself in the third person. After growing up, Gorzil began a reign of terror, quickly becoming infamous for being one of the most vile of all dragons. When numerous knights attempted to slay him, he dispatched them all. Eventually Gorzil took up residence in a cave near the town of Toenail, demanding the villagers' gold and threatening to burn down the village unless they gave him two village children to eat. Wiglaf and Erica took the place of the children in order to infiltrate the dragon's cave and slay him. The plan quickly went wrong; both students lost their swords and seemed to be at the mercy of the beast. However, in an attempt at buying some time, Wiglaf inadvertently discovered Gorzil's secret weakness-bad jokes. After a set of increasingly cheesy jokes, Gorzil fell down dead and exploded into dragon dust. The villagers took the dragon's treasure before the students could collect any.