Brother Dave is the librarian at DSA. He is a member of the little brothers of peanut brittle, an order known for their good deeds

His earliest records consist of him making peanut brittle with the other brothers. A dragon named Snagglefahng attacked, demanding some brittle. When he got to Dave's, he broke his front four teeth and demanded whose brittle it was. Little brothers cannot lie, so Dave said he was the one.

Snagglefahng vowed revenge on Dave and flew away.

All was calm until Friday the thirteenth. Yorick reported to Mordred that Snagglefahng was coming for revenge on the one who broke his front teeth. Dave pulled Wiglaf, Angus, Janice and Erica that he was the one who broke his fangs.

A dragon arrived on campus, but it was only Worm. Wiglaf finally realized it was time for everyone to know about him.

Worm revealled that Snagglefahng was close. Brother Dave headed into the dark forest to give himself up and protect the school. Wiglaf and Erica rode Worm to stop Snagglefahng. Instead, Snagglefahng captured all three. He then set Worm, Wiglaf, Erica, and Brother Dave down and asked for more brittle. Brother Dave couldn't believe his ears.

Snagglefahng revealed Dave's brittle was the best, even if it was rock hard. Dave offered to make him some every week if he would be a good dragon and not kill people and stuff. The dragon accepted, and flew off.

Brother Dave is known to the students as Bro Dave. His dream is to see boys reading in the library. (Reality: Boys sleeping in the library.) His best kept secret is that he uses Cliff's notes.